I like to test all kinds of makeup products, and the eyeshadow palettes in particular are close to me, and if I can, I try to choose and try even lesser-known brands. That’s how I caught my eye on the Guicami collection, which promised colorful, light, and funny colors – but, as the title of the post suggests, they were disappointing.

I ordered three palettes, and although the picture looked like the packaging was made of paper, they were made of hard-to-open and fragile plastic, which is a real challenge to open with longer nails. Each of the three palettes contained a mirror, which did not become completely clean even after a long wipe, it remained obscure throughout – and yes, I checked it for foil, but unfortunately not.

The three palettes with pastel colors are Good Time with greenish tones, Strawberry Shake with reds, and Wow Live with purples. Of the three palettes, the biggest disappointment is Good Time, as its greenish hues are almost barely visible, while the red colors in Strawberry Shake are quite usable.

In the end, I decided I could still use the palettes as a highlighter and for simpler makeup, but with those three, I put it off Guicami products forever.

Strawberry Shake colors I used:

Take A Sip





Good Time colors I used:

Solar Hour

Fresh Cut

Healing Heart

New Age

Soul Sister


Wow Live colors I used:

Future Self

Own Ur Power


Daydream Bby

All Aura Again