Continuous marketing of a website requires lots and lots of graphics. You can always need a new logo for new campaigns, you need a product image, a cover image for the PDF bait, infographics for blog articles, an intro for videos, a cover image for Facebook groups. It’s just as important for Canva to manage your social media platforms yourself, as you can use the website to create extremely beautiful and tasteful graphics, just as big as you need for Instagram or Pinterest.

You save a lot of time with it

Using Photoshop is an extremely time-consuming and knowledge-intensive task (plus if you don’t have a computer strong enough, the program is even slow). However, with Canva, you can trigger the whole process, as everything is available in one web interface.

You select the template, be it a Facebook cover or an Instagram post, rewrite the text, replace the images, and you can apply many more graphic and text changes in a matter of seconds.

What’s more, you can even link it to your Facebook page, and then you don’t even have to save the finished image to your computer, you simply send it to your social media by linking it.


Contains many free or paid stock photos

Not only can we use our images on the Canva interface, but we also have access to plenty of free stock photos, which have paid, easy-to-recognize watermarks – the latter can be redeemed with a monthly subscription to Canva Pro anyway.


Template for every need

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube graphics, posts, covers are all waiting there in the Canvas, in the right pixel size, you just have to rewrite them. But there are templates for presentations, posters, brochures, info graphics, invitations, logos, and much more. These are very good inspirations, most of which hardly need to be changed other than rewriting the text. For example, I wrote my resume here.


Many types of fonts

There is also a large selection of fonts in the free version, and an additional £ 500 is available in PRO, but you can also upload your fonts. You literally can’t imagine a pound that you wouldn’t be able to use in Canva.


Building your brand

When you design something in Canva, you need the colors of your brand, your logo, you want the font of your website to appear in your graphics as well. That’s why it’s good to be able to set up your branding in Canva, and then you don’t have to paste the HEX color code or just upload the logo every time.


Using animations

In Canva, you have access to the animations option for most graphics, where you select the animation mode from the built-in display modes. It can also be saved in gif, but here it is worth paying attention to the size of the finished file.