If an average person opened the “toolbox” of cosplayers, he would look great at the diversity or weirdness of things, but perhaps this is the magnitude of our subculture, that you can find the tool you want in every detail, or just find another in every store. , which allows you to make much more beautiful and detailed costumes. But what are the tools you may need at any time? Now we’ve put these together!

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Knives, scalpels, razors, blades, scissors, and a jigsaw + sharpener

Well, these are the tools that can be found in quasi-every household, just not at the very moment when they are needed. They are needed for many materials, as the decorative rubber, for example, can be cut with scissors, but the EVA foam is already heavier, and the foamed PVC should be cut with a scalpel, while the XPS sheet should also be shaped with a knife. However, they all have a very common feature, they have to be sharp because the materials listed above eat the edges of the cutting tools very quickly, so it is essential to use a knife sharpener, which is worth using quite often – I put it on the table every time I have to cut.

And the jigsaw is one of the best tools for cutting balsa wood, and it glides easily in softwood, so it can be done relatively quickly. And the braver ones also feel free to use it for foamed PVC, because, after a little practice, and of course with more effort, it also cut that material fine.


Sewing machine

I know I don’t say much to everyone with this, and maybe that’s the least part of the concept of a tool, but some haven’t bought the first sewing machine of their lives, even though you can sew demanding and attractive costumes with a piece of five thousand forints. Of course, the quality and versatility of the use also increase in direct proportion to the price, so on the sewing machine around thirty thousand forints, the edges of the clothes can be locked, which does not pop up, and thus the cosplay becomes much more durable. For more serious sewing machines, it is worth purchasing various soles, as these can make our work much easier and save a lot of time. These include the soles for imitation leather, the buttonhole, the guide sole for diagonal straps, or just an embroidery frame that can be used to create very spectacular and colorful costumes. Special soles can now be obtained very easily from sewing centers and repair shops, but if you are aware of all the details of your machine, you can also order them online.


Patents and Punchers 

A patent is essential when attaching garments, and although the sewing varieties are applied to the garment relatively quickly, with a patent, this is a moment, and much more stable than the sewn-on varieties. There are several types of patents tailored to different needs, but it’s worth getting them all, as there are places where the metal looks good and there are places where the almost invisible plastic. Punches also play a huge role, not only in the use of leather or imitation leather but also in decorating a garment or making armor wearable. Usually, these can be obtained in a set, which comes with a great little structure that surrounds the hole with a metal ring, thus saving the processing or the rising material.