I received this palette as a gift, and since it has plenty of shimmering shades, I immediately fell in love with it. Although it must be left, I have never heard of Dikalu before, but I was happy to immerse myself in the unknown.

I’m not happy with the look of the palette, it is very irritating to my eyes, especially in bright light, while the company name and the name of the palette are barely discernible.

However, the palette of 35 colors is a bit deceptive because the shades are so close together that roughly half can be called a separate shade or color. However, the three shades of gold in the palette are so good in color, bright, and colorful that one of the best I’ve ever come across – if I ever need a gold color, I always pick up my Coco Venus palette.

Overall, I’m happy with Dikalu’s Coco Venus eyeshadow palette because it contains a lot of colors and can work very well with them, is easy to apply on the eyelid, and is durable.