Unfortunately, what our skin really needs and what cosmetics we use doesn’t always match, so I’ve put together a list of things to look out for before choosing new skincare products for your home, but they can still help you if you’re just starting to get your skin in. care.

Pay attention to the needs of your skin

That is, be aware of the condition of your skin because from this you will know for sure what you need. For example, what is the color of your skin, visible to the naked eye a wrinkles or pigment spots, greasy to the touch, or rather particularly dry and rough?

Think ingredients and not in products

That is, people with prone to oily skin should avoid paraffin and rock derivatives, however, sebum control is essential for them, which is aided by retinol, but it is not good for dry skin. It is also worth considering how much vegetable oil is in the raw materials, what moisturizing ingredients it contains, and whether it contains alcohol.

Check the complete list of ingredients

Unfortunately, it is not enough to look at the label, because many times even the categories indicated by the manufacturers can be misleading. Studying the ingredient lists is the best way not to be guided by advertisements and tasteful packaging. To do this, simply browse the manufacturer’s website today.

Give yourself time

Don’t hesitate if you feel you have decades of backlogs in skincare. Even then, go step by step, always incorporating only one new cosmetic into your daily skincare. And feel free to allow yourself time to thoroughly follow up on your next composition.

Don’t try to make up for everything with a piece of face cream, but you don’t even have to spend hundreds of euros recklessly right away.