The skin around the eyes is extremely thin, does not contain sebaceous glands, so it cannot produce any oil. As a result, this area is at risk of dehydration. Rich in nourishing and anti-inflammatory ingredients – essential fatty acids, echium – the eye cream protects the sensitive skin surface and provides the necessary moisture. Prevents the formation of wrinkles.

When purchasing an eye cream, care must be taken not to contain any irritating ingredients such as alcohol or artificial fragrances. Nowadays, more and more face creams contain enough nutrients for the eye area as well.

For best results, apply the eye cream in the morning, after cleansing the face, but before using the day cream. It is worth applying the cream to the skin with gentle, not very strong, circular motions. For eye creams, you may want to use less of them because a lot of creams can also irritate.

It is a very important step that the day cream also contains sunscreen, as UV radiation damages the skin, and this is especially true for the sensitive part of the eye area.