I love products that make up an entire palette, meaning there are many shades in a single product. Fortunately, not only are eyeshadow palettes available, but concealers, lipsticks, and blushes are also becoming more common in the market.

In addition, the multi-color concealer palettes are great for hiding our skin blemishes. Color-Correcting. The principle of this makeup technique is color theory. Skin correction palettes can balance colors with complementary colors. This way, redness, pallor, and circles around the eyes can be perfectly neutralized.


The complementary color of green is red, making a green concealer perfect for redness, pimples, red blood vessels, and any skin changes that result in a reddish color. For larger areas, we recommend using a green Primer instead of a concealer – such as that available at NYX.


Yellow neutralizes blue and purple. This can cover dark circles around the eyes and a pale complexion. It is important that you only actually apply complementary colors on dark areas. For a generally bluish skin tone, a yellow primer is recommended. For very light skin, we recommend a light yellow tone, while for darker skin, we recommend a stronger orange tone primer.


Purple helps to hide pigment spots as well as circles around the eyes. This color is ideal for brightening tired, slightly yellowish skin. During stressful or worse periods of health, the color purple applied under makeup is a real miracle.


Peaches like pink refresh tired skin. This color also brightens the skin and the area around the eyes. It also perfectly hides pigment spots and bluish or greenish areas of skin.