I recently purchased two more eyeshadow palettes from American Colourpop, California Love, and All That palettes, each with 12 shades.

Colourpop describes California Love as a love song off the West Coast of the United States, and this is reflected in the names on the palette, as well as the warm, golden tones and metallic bronze lineup.

I have to admit that for some reason my skin doesn’t look good on yellow, or it doesn’t stick at all, and despite all that, California Love is well-tested, most of the colors cover nicely and look good on my eyelids. However, there are three shades, Gnarly, Laguna, and The Bay, which are almost the same and simply not visible when applied to the eyelid. At the same time, El Capitan – despite its glitter – adheres fantastically to the skin, stays there for a long time, and has a very beautiful glow.

All That, on the other hand, already represents a completely different style, the red palette has been given a real glam look with a pleasant and powerful hue. Risque and Infatuation are real masterpieces, these colors soon became my favorites. At the same time, the black hue of The Feels is too dusty, hard to stick to, and remains extremely porous, while Fishnets, despite its creamy texture, doesn’t want to stay on the eyelid, but rather sticks to the brush.

All in all, Colourpop makes good palettes, although the fact that Garden Variety was a huge disappointment for me – while The Child became a real hit – but I didn’t regret ordering California Love and All That, but I hope to find more favorites from the company soon.


I used these colors in the pictures.

California Love  

The Bay

Hwy I


El Capitan



All That

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