For sensitive skin, it is often difficult to figure out what is causing the problems. What is a problem in one person may not cause symptoms in another, and this makes it difficult to find a solution.


Feeling stressed or tired can weaken the defensive force, which can also cause problems. This is because the hormones released by stress can slow down the functions of the skin. Prolonged stress can affect the skin’s protective layer, making it more sensitive.


One of the tasks of our skin is selecting, so removing things we don’t need. Thus, our diet can have a big impact on the condition of our skin.


Hormonal fluctuations can also affect the health of the skin. For example, in many women, it can occur during menstruation. But many other factors can also upset hormones. Lack of sleep and stress as well as health problems or medications can also play a role.

Environmental effects

The air outside is cold in winter and the flats are extremely dry, and in summer the intense sun can dehydrate our skin. Our skin also needs constant protection from air pollution, UV rays, and daily dirt.


Skin irritating chemicals are also found in products and clothing. The best precaution is to check, like read the list of ingredients on the product carefully.