I have to admit, I rarely buy makeup at drugstores, I’m more of the kind of outpatient who sees something interesting, finds the company, and falls in love so much that they quickly order half of their supplies. But that’s not the case with the Essence – Hello New York makeup palette, as I literally ran out of my makeup, as my move to Germany was a lot ruined, plus some of it was already in doubt, so I simply threw them in the trash with a sore heart.

And since I needed some basic colors, I got rid of the DM and bought Hello New York, which operates in pleasant and relatively long-lasting colors that I was able to sparkle, experiment with for weeks, and varied enough to make from simple makeup to a more complex one. I can throw it together if the situation requires it.

In the drugstore, I tried the palette of the other urban themes of Essence, Paris, Berlin, and Sydney, but none of them could rival New York.

Compared to being an entry-level makeup palette, I’m happy with it because it’s easy to handle, its colors are durable, and while not as vibrant as Colourpop or Ucanbe, its quality is absolutely fair.

Unfortunately, the colors in the palette are not named, but the white in the upper left corner, which has a faint bluish hue, is my absolute favorite.

Unfortunately, Hello New York is no longer available, but maybe it will be produced again sometime, so I suggest everyone get one of them because it’s a real basic makeup palette that can be good for any occasion and costs just six euros.