I admit I was completely unfamiliar with the De’Lanci company, I just liked their palette and I was with it that makeup is never enough, let’s try it. Before I ordered, I checked it: and it’s a Hong Kong company selling makeup products that didn’t test on animals – I pay close attention to that.

Avocado Green comes in 15 colors of green and yellow (two of which are glittery), but in a similar design, you can get three more palettes in shades of purple (Dream Purple), blue (Space Blue), and orange (Eye-catching Chili). I choose Avocado Green, and not just because of the bright green colors, but because I love avocado.

At a glance, the palette is simply amazing, with greens and yellows showing each other very well. It was hard for me to decide what color combination I wanted to work with, but it’s worth doing it more carefully because the shades are very close together and if we choose too similar colors, it won’t prevail in our eyes.

However, the two glitters were not an undivided success for me: he wanted to stay on my eyelids very hard, he clung to the brush, and after a lot of patience I managed to put some of them on. But of course, shimmer shades have become my favorites – especially in the lower-left corner, they have become the real base of my makeup.

However, I’m sad that the colors aren’t named, somehow I always prefer makeup that has names.