It’s a very well-put-together palette from American BH Cosmetics, and at first glance, I was caught up in the colors, and the fact that named Diamond for April – that is, it reflects on my month of birth – is a special pleasure for me. It soon became my favorite.

The palette is paper-based and the seven colors are arranged unusually: Diamond, the glittering white, is the largest, while six more colors are available in smaller sizes. It’s no exaggeration to say the most beautiful silver of my life is the Stunning palette – this glittery eyeshadow is simply perfect!

I’m so glad that although the diamond was the inspiration for the palette, it also included different colors that add up to the glitter-silver palette. Although the glitter colors are usually really pigmented, the mats at BH Cosmetics are also beautiful, powerful, and vibrant.

I used every color in the palette for the photos, and I’m very proud of that because the colors went great together and it was great to experiment with what was on my eyes.

And it is simply unbeatable in terms of value for money, the palette costs 10 euros on the company’s website, and I guarantee that it will be available for everything from the simplest make-up.

Second makeup: