The metallic-wrapped palettes of the Makeup Revolution are my favorites so far, and the fact that they are easy to open and that they look sophisticated, rugged, and beautiful also contributes to this. It has a very interesting look to the exterior, I like that although they retained the classic palette size typical of Makeup Revolution, they still brought in a bit of playfulness with the shapes.

Glass Mirror is exactly one such eyeshadow palette, plus it has a huge mirror.

Glass Mirror is one of my palettes that can be used for almost any occasion, a blend of matte and glitter colors that can be used for both casual makeup and casual makeup. Thanks to its vibrant and well-combined colors, it has become a real base piece in my collection.

I would like to emphasize that the matte colors also cover the skin perfectly, they do not become porous or chalky.

Due to its rugged design, it is a great travel companion and easily fits in a bag. However, I’m sorry the colors haven’t been given a name, somehow I always like to see the names of the eyeshadows and sometimes combine them based on that.

All in all, Glass Mirror is a great choice for those who like to wear casual makeup and also for those who like to toss their makeup with bright and vibrant colors.