Last year, Buttercup showed me a Swedish company called Oden’s Eye, which makes amazingly interesting, mythological, and whimsical makeup – of course, I immediately got into the company, but somehow I didn’t order from them. However, Easter has come and an amazing promotion has been announced at Oden’s Eye: a Mystery Box full of the company’s products costs $ 45 for the smaller package $ 90 worth of at least four products, and $ 75 for the larger package, and is worth $ 170 and the Swedish company sends a minimum of 8 products.

Since I hadn’t ordered from them before, I chose this Mystery Box with complete peace of mind, as I didn’t worry about duplication, it promised to be a great pop-up package, as I can try multiple products for the company at once and still have an excitement about what I can get.

The boxes could only be ordered between April 17th and April 20th, I chose the larger package (for which I paid € 72.95). I ordered my box in the first 5 minutes, as the company made a total of 1,500 copies as a limited edition. The package arrived in Germany about 2 weeks after the order, without any problems, and due to the amount of my order, delivery was free.

The package was extremely beautiful, massive, and tasteful, the palettes, lipsticks, and makeup products were extremely carefully packaged, and nothing was damaged during the long journey.

In addition, I am very satisfied with the contents of the package, as I received two eyeshadow palettes, a highlighter palette, three lipsticks, one highlighter, a mirror, and a dry brush wash. Of course, I immediately started trying out the products and I like them, they are pigmented enough, they are diverse, and all the packaging is whimsical.

I received these products:

Alva Eyeshadow Palette (31,95 €)

Verdandi Mini Eyeshadow Palette (20,95 €)

Norn’s Mesmerizer Highlighter Limited – Spring of Life (23,95 €)

Solmåne Highlighter Palette (33,95 €) – this is a sold-out product!

Alva Kiss of a Fairy Lipstick – S103 Brow Rose (16,95 €)

Alva Matte Lip Stain – M205 Dry Dates (15,95 €)

Alva Cream Lip Stain – A103 Sweet Tulip (15,95 €)

Freja Rune Dry Brush-Cleaning Box (2,95 €)

Double-Sided Compact Cosmetic Mirror (11,95 €)

I received a total product worth € 174.55 while paying € 72.95 – this offer was worth it. The Easter holiday and the fourth anniversary of the company have been extremely exciting and colorful! And yes, I will be testing the products in posts soon.