Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to get the Belonging palette from the Chinese company Ucanbe, so in vain I praise anyone who reads this and has not bought it before, unfortunately, it has already slipped off it. This was my first pallet from the company and I ordered it from Aliexpress, and Dreamland came with it in action – a review will come later.

In retrospect, it turned out that Belonging is a replica of the Urban Decay Born to Run palette, but since I haven’t tried that, I can’t compare the two.

Belonging is not an ordinary palette with casual colors, I recommend this for those who like to create strong and striking makeup, even though it has more light colors like Breakaway or Riff, the dark tones are stunning and powerful on the palette.

It is my favorite palette from Ucanbe, the colors are simply fabulous, easy to apply on the eyelids, not dusty, and easy to work with. Although the already 21-piece palette contains many similar colors, each one is unique and striking.

It hurts my heart that it is no longer available as I get a lot of praise for using it and I have to grieve everyone for sure.


I used these colors for my first makeup:

  • Big Sky
  • Radio
  • Hell Rise
  • Wildheart
  • Still Shot

And these for the second:

  • Blaze
  • Double Life
  • Stranded
  • Accelerate