Unfortunately, the skin on our hands is very thin, almost as much as our facial skin. However, there are very few sebaceous glands and little subcutaneous fat. As our hands are exposed to constant stress and do not have natural moisturizing factors, they dry out quickly.

During hand care, we need to focus on two things in the first place: maintaining the natural defense mechanism and delaying skin aging. This is only possible with constant protection and care, so our hands can stay beautiful, healthy, and young for a long time.

Always use mild, high-quality products. Wash your hands with lukewarm water instead of hot water. It dries the skinless.

Use pH skin-neutral soap. They have a pH similar to the skin, so they do not interfere with the skin’s acid barrier.

Do not use cleaning agents that contain antibacterial agents. They do not clean the hands better than traditional soaps but can result in the development of resistant bacterial strains.

The secret of hand care is consistency and hydration. Because modern hand care products perform multiple functions at once – providing protection, balancing the skin’s natural water balance, and caring for the skin – the key is to use them continuously and consistently.

In addition to proper care, proper nutrition is also important. Nutrients make the skin supple. Vitamin C, for example, is important for collagen production. Vitamin E helps repair damage and vitamin A is also excellent. So skincare starts with a healthy lifestyle.