Whether you have one extravagant watch or many, understanding how to store them is fundamental. These wonderful watches are not just an investment that you need to secure. It also looks and works better when stored appropriately.  

There is no one right method for putting away watches, especially in watch cases. Some owners of watches like to keep all their extravagant watches in plain view, ready to wear and show to loved ones. 

Despite how you store them, there are a couple of best watch storage practices that can keep your watch in supreme condition. Keep reading.

How to Keep Your Watch Safe in a Watch Case

If you want to ensure your watch is safe when you are not wearing it, then you need a watch case. Below are three ways to store your watches while in a watch case.

Use pouches

It’s a good idea to wrap each of your watches in a material pouch. There is no specific cost to this, regardless of whether you want a few to guarantee each watch is exclusively secured. The fabric will tenderly safeguard the watch as well as absorb any expected dampness. Plastic sacks can be utilized as another option. However, put bundles of silica gel in everyone to deal with any of the previously mentioned dampness.

Leave spaces

While putting away different watches in a case, always leave a gap between each of the watches. The space does not have to be enormous. About half an each should be enough. This ensures that watches aren’t touching each other. It also prevents any form of scratching or friction.

Make it face Up

The best way to store your watches in a watch case is to keep their face up. It doesn’t make any difference how much delicate material there is around the watch, the potential for harm is high if they face down.  

The face side up applies whether or not you want to store them level or folded over a watch holder. Assuming you need to lay the watch on its crown to keep away from harm to the glass, case, or bezel. Always pick this choice, as a crown is simpler and less expensive to replace than other parts.


Arranging your watches in a watch case is as simple as this. Don’t forget to always keep the case clean and dry. Visit Watch Box to learn more!