This is my first time using baked eyeshadow and I was enchanted by it. The eyeshadow is much creamier, easier to apply and process than pressed eyeshadows, and sticks much less into the folds of the eyelid.

What’s more, BH Cosmetics has hit the Supernova palette a lot: majestic colors, a great line-up that complements each other while being unique and cozy. I love that BH Cosmetics pays attention to getting out of the ordinary and creating something unique. Not the dozen eyeshadow palettes you can get anywhere today.

My little geek heart jumped out of my ribs when I saw the colors named after the constellations and planets. I love when the colors get a name, it throws the whole make-up process and the atmosphere of the palettes so much better because I don’t just use green, but Pisces green – how much smoother does it sound?

The palette contains only glitter colors, so there is no matte color in it, making it an instant favorite for me, of course. Thanks to the silky texture, it is not difficult to apply at all, and even after using it all day, it does not make it harder on my eyelids.

For washing alone, I use a heavier, stronger eyeshadow remover that is as oily as possible because it removes the paint thoroughly.


I used these colors for my makeup in style in a Star Trek Podcast:






Second test: