Even though I was able to easily open the metallic durable palettes of Makeup Revolution in the past, in the case of Creative Vol 1, I have a minute to open it, and that always makes me a little frustrated, as I don’t have a problem with either big nails or dexterity.

But once the palette opens, a truly colorful and rich selection of eyeshadows unfolds before our eyes, full of fresh, bright, and vibrant colors. The 24-color palette contains a mix of matte and glitter colors, be it warm bronze, canary yellow, or just bright blue, all guaranteed to be included in this set.

The box has a huge mirror that allows you to refresh your makeup anywhere, and since the palette is in a metal box, you don’t have to worry about it in the bag either.

Matte shades didn’t win me that much, especially the darker colors are chalky and leave a stain under my eyes, so I have to use them carefully.

It becomes a real necessity for any home make-up set, thanks to its versatility. Especially the bright blue called Inspired is my favorite from the palette, it’s amazingly vibrant and looks great on my skin even after wearing it for hours. The 24 colors provide a repository of infinity and I guarantee that everyone who buys it will get it soon.

Whether you want to make casual make-up or casual make-up, you can find all the colors in this palette.


I used these colors first:







These as the second: