Founded in Los Angeles in 2009, BH Cosmetics – or Badass with Heart – filed for bankruptcy last year. The company, which sells vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics, is extremely well known in the United States and also has its website and sales channel in Germany.

In March, British Revolution Beauty also acquired the US company, its entire inventory, and its distribution network as part of a € 3.4 million deal. The UK company has said it wants to expand its global portfolio and the acquisition of the US company offers a great opportunity to do so.

Buyers in Germany may have already noticed that the BH Cosmetics Instagram profile and website are still live, but no product can be ordered from it, you can only ask for a notification if they may replenish stock. No information has yet been received on what will happen to the sales department in Germany, as Revolution Beauty itself has an independent sales department in the European Union.

If you still want to buy BH Cosmetics products in Germany, you have to order them from the home country (however, customs/VAT must also be taken into account here) or, although, with limited stock, you can also find the company’s products in dm’s shops and webshop.