Thorough summer skincare should be imagined in five steps. The first step is intensive hydration, followed by a deep cleansing of the skin, cosmetic treatment, the use of vitamin creams, and internal vitamin supplementation.

Intensive hydration

In summer, it is especially important to properly hydrate the skin, as intense sunlight and dry air in air-conditioned rooms can easily dry it out. It is advisable to use serums or a light summer foam cream in this case, as our skin prefers cosmetics with a lighter texture due to the increased sweating. The use of body lotions with a high content of fructose, carotenoids, and vitamins after sunbathing is also good.

Skin cleansing

Getting rid of dead skin cells, toning, and after BHA facial cleanser is our biggest help in this, but then it is important to use only a face cream with a high sun protection factor or, as I do, I use BHA cleanser exceptionally in the evenings.

Cosmetic treatment

With electrocosmetic treatments and the active ingredients used in the treatments, as well as their ingredients, such as vitamins A, C, E, and carotenoids, we can prepare our skin for intense sunbathing.

Vitamin-enriched face creams

Due to environmentally harmful chemicals, most plants do not provide enough sources of vitamins. It is therefore advisable to choose carefully among the cosmetic brands and look for a summer face and body care product that has a high beta-carotene content in its plant composition.

Internal vitamin supplementation

By consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are abundant in the summer, we can get the vitamins and minerals that are important for the skin into the body. Not only do carotenoids help achieve healthy brown skin color, but their physiological effects also include their antioxidant properties, which prevent the development of cancer and reduce the development of diseases in the circulatory system.