Self-tanning is a skin-friendly alternative to achieving your desired paycheck. Most products use either DHA or Erythrulose or a mixture of these. They contain sugar molecules that are also found in the body. So they are harmless. The effect of DHA is seen after 6-8 hours, while the effect of erythrulose is seen after two days. This makes the tan more durable with erythrulose.

However, self-tanners are not always effective. The tanning agent used is a sugar molecule that reacts with proteins and amino acids in the skin. 10-15 percent of people lack this substance, so the reaction does not take place.

There are many variations of self-tanners today: body lotion, gel, cream, spray, or foam, all of which are equally effective and we need to find out for ourselves which one is best for us and our skin.

Choose a product that differs from your skin color by only a few shades. If in doubt, it’s best to choose a lighter shade and apply it in two coats, which will make the color more intense.

Optimal preparation is important for durability, even color, and smooth, fine skin. It is important to remove dead skin cells, calluses, etc. Use an exfoliating product, for example. Remember the area of ​​the elbow, heel, and knee. Be sure to get your feet free of distracting hairs. Waxing, shaving, and epilation is best one day before application, so the skin is soothed.

Regardless of the type of product, the self-tanner should always be used as described. Creams, etc. it is best to apply in a circular motion. Then wash your hands immediately and clean your nails. Alternatively, use disposable gloves.

Allow the self-tanner to be completely absorbed. That’s about thirty minutes. If you are impatient, there may be a stain on your clothes that will not come out anymore.

The self-tanner colors the upper layer of the skin. However, as it is constantly renewed and the smaller layers of skin come off, the artificial tan lasts only 3-4 days. This period can be slightly extended with peeling pre-treatment and regular use of moisturizer. If you want a lasting tan, use a self-tanner regularly.