As many of you know, I’m a real cat lover, at home I share my life with three kittens that I got from friends, found on the street, or brought from a shelter. And although I think as many people as possible should adopt shelter cats, it is essential to emphasize that if we buy a kitten, we buy it from a real and trained breeder. Yes, I know, the price of a real purebred kitten is not cheap, so many people make the mistake of buying from a place where the kittens are not in good condition and do not pay attention to their needs.

Although I only plan to adopt kittens, I would like to share with you what kind of kittens I would buy if every cat waiting for a home would end up with a wonderful family.


1, Maine Coon

I love these overgrown kittens who are cuddly, soft, and giant balls of love.

2, Egyptian Mau

I’m partial to Mau’s slightly silvery striped patterns, and there’s something truly majestic about them that takes me back to the days of ancient Egypt.

3, Kurilian Bobtail

These stubby cats are sweet and goofy, and their nature is more like that of a dog than a cat.


In addition, there are so many great cat names in the world that it is difficult to choose, I try to decide based on the personality of the cats, but sometimes it doesn’t work, and then I call the internet for help.