In Medieval times, women wore flowing dresses that were either knee or ankle-length. During this time, clothing and dressing were very symbolic in identifying social classes, unlike these days when items of clothing are mostly general. Also, items of clothing consisted of a lot of underwear and undergarments, including tunics, mantles, and veils. Compared to Ancient women clothing, modern women’s clothing is now simpler. Below are a few suggestions that will help you look like a medieval woman.

Wearing Corsets

A corset is a support outfit that is worn to hold the torso to give the upper body and waist a snatched effect. Corset dresses and blouses are very stylish as they are mostly worn to exaggerate the hip and bust areas. If you are looking to imitate the medieval woman and look good while at it, a corset piece is your best bet. 


Wearing girdles on the outer part of dresses is another way to look like the medieval woman. Girdles were mostly worn on loose fits to support and fasten flowing garments. Accessories for costume like girdles may also help to give the garment worn a finished look. It can be made from leather or metal.

Voluminous Skirts

Wearing a kirtle, a skirt with exaggerated volume (which can be as a result of pleats, gathers, and panels) is another way to dress like the medieval time. These skirts can be made from light and weighty fabrics such as cotton, denim, jersey, and linen fabrics. The lengths of these skirts may be mini, midi, or maxi.


Simple jewelry pieces such as lapels, necklaces, lockets, hair pins, badges, rings, brooches, and tiny belts that make tinkling sounds with each movement are great accessories that can also serve as costumes to showcase medieval fashion.  Many of these jewelry pieces can be found in an Old World store near you.

Wearing Hair Accessories

Hair accessories such as fascinators, headbands, berets, hair nets, and hair veils are also ways to dress like a Medieval woman

Shoes And Socks

Socks are made to be worn inside shoes. This may include pantyhose, cotton socks, and knitted socks. Dressing like a medieval woman is almost incomplete without shoes that are low and with pointy tips. Incorporating the medieval style of shoes will involve the acceptance of leather shoes that may be low cuts or very high boots which may go all the way to the knee.


Fashion in the modern era is not so different from medieval times because it resurfaces. This article has shown ways in which modern women can incorporate fashion from the Medieval time into their fashion routines.