I have to admit, I had never heard of a British company called Beauty UK before, and when I needed some beauty products but wanted to get free shipping, I found them.

Interestingly, there is hardly any information about the company itself on the company’s website, but its product range is also scarce. For example, the eye products show three items: four pieces of the Posh Palette, eight pieces of the Eyeshadow Collection – which is a palette with a different design, and a primer.

What I managed to find out based on the website is that the company has existed since 2019, its products are not tested on animals, and most of its product range is of vegan origin.

A simple, somewhat puritanical palette with clean shapes. It’s a compact piece, fits in a small space, and thanks to its semi-transparent top, you can see exactly the colors inside.

A combination of ten mostly matte colors comes with a double-ended makeup brush, which is quite soft, but I didn’t use it, as I have much better quality brushes.

The colors are bright enough, and about half of them are strong on their own (especially the blue ones), but there is some color that needs to be properly built up on the eyelid to achieve a real effect. It’s a little dusty, so it’s worth paying attention to shaking the brush before use to make sure the excess falls off.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Festival palette, it has pleasant colors and you can create beautiful, bright makeup with it.