The success of social media posts is influenced by many factors, which is why we should plan what content, on what interface, and at what time we share it with our followers.


Facebook remains one of the most popular social platforms. When creating posts, it is important to publish content that is relevant, interesting, and educational for your target audience. In general, it can be said that Wednesday is the most active day, while we can expect relatively few likes on Sunday. As you can see in the figure, users are very active from Tuesday morning until Thursday afternoon, so it is worth scheduling at least one post for the middle of the week.


It continues to be one of the most intensively developing social platforms, which is why more and more brands are realizing the platform’s potential, but at the same time Instagram trends are constantly changing, and the algorithm undergoes constant modification – even every month!

Similar to Facebook, Sunday is considered the “worst day” for posting. However, according to statistics, the success of posts published around 11 a.m. on Wednesdays and between 10:00 and 12:00 on Fridays is guaranteed. It is therefore worth publishing your Instagram post between Wednesday and Friday.


LinkedIn is the largest professional platform, here it is even more important that the posts are interesting and informative for the followers, we don’t want to sell right away.

Overall, it can be concluded that it is best to post during working hours since users mainly browse the social media site in the morning due to the business interface. The most active days are Wednesday and Thursday mornings, while, unsurprisingly, the least productive days are the weekend and Monday.