A cosplayer should prepare for all eventualities if he/she is going to an event, and although surprises can always arise, with a smaller and well-assembled package, it is much easier to deal with the clothes tearing, the wig slipping, or the armor being damaged much more easily – that is, without crying and cursing.

Repair and DIY 

If we came to the con with armor, accessories, and weapons, it is essential to be able to put the disintegrating pieces back together, and the best and fastest way to do this is gluing. The glue gun and the accompanying sticks are indispensable (the little one is worth putting away, and not only because it is cute, but because it takes up less space and you can achieve much more with it), an unopened package of instant glue – it must be unopened because so it is much more certain that it will not open because if it does, no rescue package can help us – and contact adhesive.


It is also worth putting wood glue in a smaller jar, but with this glue, you have to count on a longer drying time – the previously listed solidifies in a few minutes.

But if part or all of our costume is made of worbla, we should buy a small hot air blower so that I can fit them together – I ordered mine online. And to correct mistakes, a small piece of sandpaper can also come in handy to remove any sudden joints.

In addition, we should put away a few quick ties, either for fastening or for transporting our costume, as well as a lighter, which can come in handy for heating, separation, or even burning a stray thread.

If we have to mark something on the costume, a graphite pencil, which doesn’t leave a noticeable mark but is still visible, and an eraser, so that we can completely remove the marks, come in handy.

To be able to transport the supplies, I also put rubber bands in my mini-rescue package.


Hair and makeup 


Anyone who cosplays always has to take care of their skin, hair, and wig, for this there are a couple of essential accessories that are good to always have with us. The wig cap, that is, an extra wig cap in a separate place (which is good to remember), because, after the safety pin and wave buckle, this is the most frequently borrowed thing.

Hair elastics, many of them, should include the classic textile type, which is comfortable to wear, or thin, quasi-disposable ones, which should preferably be transparent, or the same color as the wig or our hair.

As I mentioned before, the curling iron is a very important accessory, it helps to fix our hair and the wig, so it’s good to always have it with us, in several colors and sizes. In addition, I always keep a plain hair clip with me, it is much more comfortable to wear, but it is harder to hide because of its size.

A comb to straighten our hair and the wig, and a mirror to see what we’re doing – I ordered one online that is collapsible and comb-mirror in one, for a lighter and smaller mini emergency kit.

I like to use false eyelashes, so I keep an unopened false eyelash glue in my package, which is also great for applying any other decorations – for example, button eyes or rhinestone decorations.

I put together a small pack that is essential for skin care: cotton pads, pocket, ear cleaner, facial cleanser, spare makeup sponges, as well as a face cream and makeup remover – if you are preparing for the event with paint covering your entire body, you should also put away baby wipes.