Although this is the American company’s make-up palette released for Christmas 2021, since I missed last year’s review, I would now throw it in for this year’s Christmas. In addition, the company itself hasn’t released any Christmas sets (so far), so maybe it’s a great time to present this fantastic palette again.

Although I’m not a fan of large palettes, I prefer small, compact pieces, I immediately fell in love with Miss Claus – The Lit List set.

The entire palette is fabulous, it reflects an authentic Christmas atmosphere: the outer paper covering is like an already opened Christmas package, while the hardboard exterior is embossed and a little shiny.

The palette contains 30 colors in a real Christmas mood: sparkling greens, lively reds, and sparkling golds. Of course, it also contains several matte colors, which complement the shiny colors extremely well.

My favorite is Blackout black, after the Revolution Batman palette, there is finally another company that can produce a really deep and meaningful black. In the same way, Velvet is such a strong red, which is my most intense color in this shade so far. While Ice Queen stole my heart and period.

Although it is no longer easy to get The Lit List makeup palette, I recommend everyone to try to find one for themselves, because not only the colors, but the whole design make this eyeshadow package worth buying.


Red-green makeup:

  • Velvet
  • The Grinch
  • Mistletoe
  • Santa’s Boot


Gold makeup:

  • Spikes Cocoa
  • Ring On It
  • Ritzy
  • Blackout


Blue makeup:

  • Midnight
  • Ice Queen
  • Diamonds