The success of social media posts is influenced by many factors, which is why we should plan what content, on what interface, and at what time we share it with our followers. Twitter and Pinterest are also becoming more and more popular as a form of communication among cosplayers, but currently, they are still far behind Instagram.


On the Pinterest platform, we can browse and get inspiration in an unlimited amount and it is just as easy to become outstanding from a business point of view if we share the right content on our boards.

Most users can be reached with pins between 20:00-23:00 on Saturday, and it is also worth pinning content around 15:00 on Friday. At the same time, it is important to note here that content sharing should be avoided during working hours. In addition, Call to Action buttons are essential when publishing a new post, as 80 percent of users will continue without clicking if there is no element encouraging activity in the post.


The majority of Twitter users mainly use the platform during commuting and traveling, so it is worth keeping this in mind both in terms of content and timing.

The optimal tweet time is between noon and 15:00, and 17:00 which is considered a peak time is also suitable for sharing our message. Regarding the day, Wednesday could be singled out, on this day it is best to tweet around midnight or between 17:00 and 18:00.

In addition, business posts should be shared during working hours, as the rate of reaching the target audience can be 16 percent higher then. On the other hand, if we were to chat with our followers, then our message should be shared on the weekend.