Especially in the area of our finances, awareness and determination are needed, but this does not necessarily have to be boring and trite. There is indeed a way to find a playful way for something so ordinary.

And Mortgage Calculator has found a way to do that: free and online simulator games for kids and adults alike. On the Money Games page, you can find countless funny, engaging, and easy-to-understand games for children. Thanks to the games being divided into several categories, it is easy to find what may be of interest to children.

For, Real Estate and Business Simulation Games appealed to me. Hero Elementary Treehouse Trouble is an adorable and playful way to learn to appreciate all the negatives and positives of building and renovating, such as value creation and recycling – plus we get to create a real treehouse and it’s so cute.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only little girl who loved jewelry (actually I still do) and in the Jewel Shop simulation game, you have to sell jewelry to customers, paying attention to their needs, while also taking into account the supply after a successful sale. a piece of jewelry. In addition, the game presents really beautiful and shiny jewelry, which I would also like to buy.

As an economist, I recommend that everyone introduce their children to the world of money as soon as possible, with pocket money, board games, and online games, as this way they will not only learn the value of work, or how important it is to be aware of our finances but also make them also realize that it can be fun.