The last year was not easy from a financial point of view, so it is worth setting achievable and clear financial goals in our lives as a New Year’s resolution. The end of each year prompts a kind of reckoning: what we have achieved, what we have failed in – and based on these we can decide how to proceed. At the end of this year, many people may feel they need a complete redesign.

Track your expenses and create a financial plan

The first step in financial awareness is to know what we spend, but many people find it challenging to manage this accurately. So, to make this a routine, you have to find a way that is comfortable for you, whether it be a notebook to help you, a table, or even a calculator.

Learn new skills

It doesn’t matter how old you are, learning keeps your mind fresh, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and you can even save money with it. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in language learning, programming, sewing courses, interior design, etc. it’s worth taking the plunge. We often pay serious money to professionals for things we could solve ourselves if we learned how.

Reduce your housing expenses

By reducing your utility costs (electricity, gas, water), you not only have a good effect on the environment, but you can also save money with it. Make sure that the washing machine works when there is a sufficient amount of dirty clothes, or make sure that the lights in the room are only on when you are there.

Buy used products

There are many cases where they sell almost completely new household appliances, digital devices, and furniture. It is worth thinking about what we bought new in the past and how much we could have saved if we had bought the given product used.

Use the sales and coupons

Routine coupon users prepare months in advance what they will need and how much to buy. Or, for example, many people wait until November’s Black Friday sales to purchase gadgets and save a lot.