I think we underestimate the make-up products available in drugstores, of course, I’m not saying that they are on par with Kaleidos or Oden’s Eye make-up, but from time to time some products are worth buying. Essence mascara is just like that.

Bye Bye Panda Eyes! mascara offers exactly what it claims, that is, the paint does not fall off our eyelashes, here in Germany I had the opportunity to test the product in extreme cold and heat, and sure enough, it is exactly like that: it does not fall off.

Of course, it’s another question that you can’t build eyelashes with it, because it’s not suitable for that, and I often smear my eyelids with it because I can’t use this kind of brush system well. But if you don’t want to build long eyelashes – perhaps your eyelashes are naturally long – or you want to be sure that your eye shadow won’t smudge for a long day, it’s worth investing in this mascara.

In addition, the Bye Bye Panda Eyes! mascara is oil-free, so it can be easily washed off with water, and it is completely vegan!