I think I’m not the only beauty fan who has dealt with Avon products in my life – at least in Hungary and in Germany, the company’s products are very popular, and although the quality is not nearly as good as it was ten years ago, its perfumes are always they turned out to be excellent. Until now.

I received the Aquavibe Love Now perfume as a gift, as both the clownish and colorful packaging and the description told me that it would be a delicious and fruity fragrance that would be refreshing and light. Well, unfortunately, the perfume had the opposite effect on me.


The fragrance composition of the product is described as follows on the Avon website:

A cheerful and flirtatious composition in which luscious pear, orange, and sweet strawberry merge with romantic orange blossom and warm amber and musk.


HEAD: orange, pear, peach

HEART: strawberry, raspberry sorbet, orange blossom

BASE NOTES: amber, brown sugar, musk


Love Now is an amazingly heavy and intrusive-smelling product that smells pungent and stinky after a short time. He is disappointed that the product is so weak that the scent does not last long on the skin or on the clothes – something I would complain about otherwise, but now it doesn’t bother me at all. The product with Edt, or Eau de Toilette concentration, is a real blessing in this case.

It seems to me that the British company that once produced good and quality stuff has gone downhill, the quality of their previously loved products has become objectionable, and their perfumes are no longer the same.