A cosplayer should prepare for all eventualities if he/she is going to an event, and although surprises can always arise, with a smaller and well-assembled package, it is much easier to deal with the clothes tearing, the wig slipping, or the armor being damaged much more easily – that is, without crying and cursing.

Clothing and sewing 


I also ordered a set online, which is a very well-put-together piece and contains almost everything you need to repair a garment: needle, thread (multiple colors), safety pin, safety pin, needle threader, tear-off needle, scissors, thimble, and measuring tape.

At the same time, accidents can happen that require a more serious intervention on the dress, and we are pressed for time due to a performance or competition, so it is worth getting a hand sewing machine, which allows you to move faster than hand sewing, and thus a serious mistake can be corrected relatively quickly.

And strangely, the stapler is also included in this section, which may seem strange at first, but it is a very practical thing: it leaves a relatively tiny hole, but at the same time it can provide a sufficiently strong hold – I have used it so far for stretched rubber or to achieve extra durability, and so far it always works.

I’ve already mentioned that the first and most consumable accessory is the safety pin – it can be a quick, accurate, and relatively durable solution to almost any problem, and I’d also say that it’s a cosplayer’s best friend, along with wood glue.

And this is the set I ordered long-long time ago:


Everything you need for your life 

Because we not only have to take care of the integrity of our costume but also of ourselves – there are little things that not only make things easier but are essential.

Handkerchief – It may seem trite, but the importance of this item cannot be overemphasized: catching a cold, wiping, and cleaning, to name just a few.

We may also need a band-aid, as it is a common saying in cosplay circles that good cosplay should not be uncomfortable – however, if our leg breaks or the armor pierces in an incredible place, we can solve the discomfort with a little something.

For girls, nature intervenes quite often in the most stressful situations, so it is worth putting a hygiene product in the mini first aid kit.

If you’re sick or prone to headaches or nervousness, it’s worth putting medicine in your package – calcium for allergies, headache relievers for migraines, insulin for diabetics – because these are not nearly as common things as a hair clip or safety pin.


Specific props – If something can fall, it will!

We know our costume, so we know what can fall off it, so we have to replace it: rhinestones, ornaments, lace, chain… and I could go on and on, but it’s always good to have a lot more of these than yourself it is usually worth making several small things for the costume if you need to renovate it at any time.