During contouring, we can use darker and lighter colors to highlight or even cover up the details and flaws of our faces. Contouring, which has enjoyed unbroken popularity for about ten years, is now considered the basis of make-up.

Fortunately, with a little practice, anyone can master this at home, all you need is a contour palette, brushes, bronzer, and highlighter.

With this makeup technique, we can divide the face into light and dark areas with different colors. Highlighting allows us to highlight individual areas with the help of light makeup or powder. On the other hand, during contouring, facial features can be given a new look by using a darker bronzer.


Light makeup should be applied on the bridge of the nose, between the two eyebrows, in a triangle shape, just below the eyebrows and eyes, and just above the curve of the lips. The bronzer defines the frame of the face: It is used at the hair roots, under the cheekbones, and under the chin.

The result is impressive: contouring highlights the cheekbones, narrows the nose, and optically lengthens or rounds the face, making it look less flat. In the beginning, however, it is important to note that all this is not so simple in practice. It takes dexterity and a lot of practice.

You should even use a more pigmented highlighter, but be careful with it, because it’s really beautiful when it shines on your complexion like the light of the moon!


The pictures show two Revolution Beauty contour palettes: Light and Medium Dark.