The daily use of the roller provides a relaxing effect and makes the facial skin glow in a few minutes. The roller is made of healing stones such as rose quartz, jade, or rock crystal, which provide an optimal effect when in contact with the skin.

Its regular use stimulates the skin’s collagen formation, which results in a bright and fresh complexion. Its use reduces puffiness and circles around the eyes, detoxifies the skin, stimulates the lymphatic system, and enhances the effects of skin care products.

Always clean your face before use, and the effectiveness of the roller increases if you also use a serum or face cream.

Always move the roller from the inside (that is, from the center of the face) to the outside, and roll over each point 3-5 times. It is important to always move on a new line, using gentle pressure.

Place the roller in the center of the forehead and roll from there to the hairline, then towards the temple. To take care of the eyes, you have to close one of your eyes, then use the roller very gently from the inner eyelid to the temple. Next comes the area around the lower eyelid, where you have to work from the inside out. In the rest of the face, starting from the nostrils, you have to proceed through the cheekbones to the temples, then from the middle of the chin along the jaw bone in the direction of the ears.

Always clean the roller after use.