Here is a great example of how British Avon can produce a high-quality product. Cherish is a really pleasant perfume, with strong, but not-at-all intrusive notes.

It says a lot about a product and how long it has been available in Avon’s catalogs, well, Cherish has been available to order since 2015, which means it has been available for eight years now.

The company’s website describes this perfume as follows:

Live, love, and laugh! Celebrate yourself with AVON Cherish perfume! A long-lasting fragrance for the woman with an explosively positive radiance.

FRAGRANCE CATEGORY: floral-fruity-woody

MAIN NOTES: cherry blossom, musk, sandalwood


I found the scent of Cherish to be very pleasant, a delicate, elegant scent that is an excellent choice for both day and evening, envelops you pleasantly, and is very long-lasting. This is understandable since it is EdP, or Eau de Perfume, which means that the concentration of its fragrance components is between 8 and 15 percent.

Its pleasantly floral scent is soft and feminine, for me, the sandalwood stands out among the ingredients, which I find particularly pleasant and soothing.