Mascara is a staple in every makeup lover’s routine, adding length, volume, and drama to our lashes. With a plethora of options available, it’s essential to find a mascara that delivers on its promises. Unfortunately, Essence’s I Love Extreme mascara falls short of expectations. From excessive smudging to an infuriating tendency to flake off, this product leaves much to be desired.

  1. Smudging Nightmare: One of the most frustrating aspects of the Essence I Love Extreme mascara is its propensity to smudge. No matter how carefully you apply it, within a short period, you’ll find unsightly black smudges beneath your eyes. The product fails to hold up against even the slightest moisture, be it a mild drizzle or a teary-eyed moment. Instead of enhancing your look, this mascara leaves you looking like a raccoon with dark circles.
  2. Flake City: If smudging wasn’t enough, the I Love Extreme mascara takes flaking to a whole new level. Throughout the day, you’ll find tiny black particles falling onto your cheeks, making you feel conscious and self-conscious. It’s as if the mascara crumbles away, leaving a trail of mascara residue behind. Not only is this unsightly, but it also requires frequent touch-ups, which is highly inconvenient for anyone with a busy schedule.
  3. Inadequate Longevity: Longevity is an essential factor when it comes to mascara, especially for those with long workdays or social events. Unfortunately, the I Love Extreme mascara fails to deliver in this department as well. It’s disheartening to spend time perfecting your lashes in the morning, only to have the mascara fade away by midday. It lacks the durability to withstand even the most basic activities, such as blinking or yawning, and leaves you with barely noticeable lashes.
  4. Disappointing Application: Even during the application process, the Essence I Love Extreme mascara proved to be a disappointment. The wand is oversized and clumsy, making it difficult to reach the smaller lashes without smudging the surrounding skin. The formula itself is too wet and clumpy, resulting in uneven application and a spider-leg effect. It takes considerable effort to achieve a desirable look, and the result often falls short of expectations.