When it comes to makeup, finding the perfect foundation is a quest every beauty enthusiast embarks upon. Avon, a well-known name in the beauty industry, launched its True Power Stay Foundation with promises of long-lasting coverage and flawless skin. However, this foundation seems to have some drawbacks that leave users feeling suffocated under its weight.

The Disturbingly Strong Smell:

One of the first things that hit users when they open the bottle of the Avon True Power Stay Foundation is the overwhelming smell. While some makeup products may have a pleasant fragrance, this foundation seems to have missed the mark. The fragrance can best be described as chemical and overpowering, making the application process unpleasant. Moreover, for individuals sensitive to strong scents, this foundation can be an absolute deal-breaker as it may cause headaches or skin irritations.

The Foundation is Too Thick and Sticky:

Upon application, users quickly notice that the Avon True Power Stay Foundation has an excessively thick consistency. This texture makes it challenging to spread evenly across the face and often results in a streaky finish. Users might find themselves using more products than necessary in an attempt to achieve smooth and even coverage. Unfortunately, this can lead to a caked-on appearance, emphasizing fine lines and imperfections, rather than concealing them.

Additionally, the foundation’s sticky nature is a significant concern for many users. Once applied, it feels like the skin is being suffocated under a heavy layer. This sensation can be particularly discomforting, especially during warm weather when the skin naturally perspires. Users have reported that the foundation does not allow the skin to breathe, and they find themselves reaching for blotting papers more frequently to combat the excessive shine and stickiness.

An Unfortunate Suffocating Experience:

As someone who values lightweight and breathable makeup, the Avon True Power Stay Foundation was quite a disappointment. The disturbingly strong smell was off-putting, and it made me question the ingredients used in the formulation. The excessively thick and sticky consistency made the application process tedious and cumbersome, leading to an unnatural appearance. I found it difficult to wear this foundation for extended periods as it made my skin feel congested and uncomfortable.

Moreover, throughout the day, the foundation seemed to oxidize and become even thicker, settling into fine lines and pores, which were not flattering. As a result, the overall finish appeared cakey and heavy, giving my skin an artificial look.