When it comes to makeup enthusiasts’ favorite conversation topics, eyeshadow palettes certainly top the list. With a market flooded with options, each release brings excitement, critique, and debate. The Colourpop Stone Cold Fox Eyeshadow Palette is no exception. While beauty lovers have diverse opinions on this palette, there’s a consensus that it has its highs and lows, just like any other creation.

A Palette of Mixed Emotions

The Stone Cold Fox Palette by Colourpop has stirred quite the buzz since its release, eliciting a range of reactions from makeup aficionados. On one hand, it presents an assortment of shades that are undeniably attractive in their pans. On the other hand, it falls short for some due to its color selection, texture, and overall versatility.

A Palette Not Without Flaws

One of the most common criticisms directed towards the Stone Cold Fox Palette is the abundance of shades that remain untouched by users. It’s not uncommon to find oneself avoiding certain colors because they don’t suit personal preferences or daily makeup routines. While the palette boasts an array of colors, it’s only natural that not all of them will resonate with everyone.

Furthermore, the matte shades in the palette have faced scrutiny for their chalkiness and the presence of numerous similar shades, particularly among the brown tones. This can lead to frustration for those who hoped for a broader spectrum of mattes to diversify their looks. A palette should ideally provide a canvas for creativity, and when it becomes challenging to differentiate between shades, the artistic potential can feel stifled.

Gems Amidst the Critique

Despite its setbacks, the Stone Cold Fox Palette is not without its hidden gems. Many users have identified a few standout shades that have become true favorites. Shades like “Magnetic Moon,” “Play It Coal,” and “Babydoll” have managed to capture the hearts of many with their unique and captivating hues. These shades prove that even in a palette with mixed reviews, there are still moments of brilliance that make the purchase worthwhile.

The Glittering Triumphs

One area where the palette seems to shine is with its glitter shades. The shimmering, glimmering eyeshadows have garnered praise for their ability to add a touch of glamour and drama to any look. These glitter shades often perform exceptionally well, adhering to the lid with ease and delivering a striking finish that catches the light in mesmerizing ways.

The Final Verdict

In the world of makeup, there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. The Colourpop Stone Cold Fox Eyeshadow Palette may not ascend to the top of everyone’s favorites list due to its flaws in matte texture and color selection. However, it’s also important to acknowledge that beauty is highly subjective. What might not resonate with one person could become a beloved staple for another.

When considering the Stone Cold Fox Palette, it’s vital to weigh its strengths and weaknesses. While some shades might fall short, the palette’s glitter options and standout hues like “Magnetic Moon,” “Play It Coal,” and “Babydoll” are undeniable highlights. Ultimately, makeup is a tool of self-expression, and whether this palette is a hit or miss largely depends on how its shades align with your personal style and preferences.

Used Colors: 

Rumor Mill, Magnetic Moon, Rock Bottom, and Mystery

Stone Age, Play It Coal, Babydoll

Enigma, For Granite, Obsidian, Hard Place, I Dig It