Stepping into the vibrant world of makeup, my journey took an exciting turn with the Rude Cosmetics Party Animal – RUgs RUnny eyeshadow palette. As a first-time explorer of this brand, I was intrigued by the adorable rabbit-themed palette that promised a unique and playful makeup experience.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design:

The first thing that caught my eye was the cute rabbit adorning the front of the palette. Aptly named RUgs RUnny, the furry character adds a touch of whimsy to the palette, making it stand out in my makeup collection. The Party Animals graphics that surround the rabbit are equally delightful, creating a cohesive theme that adds a playful element to the overall presentation.

Charming Color Names:

What sets the RUgs RUnny palette apart is the attention to detail in the color naming process. Each shade is given a name that reflects famous bunnies from around the world, tying back to the central theme of the palette. This thoughtful touch not only adds a fun element but also sparks creativity and a sense of connection to beloved characters.

Reflective of Famous Bunnies:

Beyond just the names, the colors themselves are reflective of the personalities and characteristics of famous bunnies. From classic whites and soft pinks reminiscent of Thumper to deeper, more dramatic shades inspired by the mischievous Bugs Bunny, the palette aims to capture the essence of these iconic characters in each carefully curated hue.

Color Intensity and Texture:

While the palette succeeds in capturing the spirit of its theme, it falls short in terms of color intensity. The shades, while pretty, are not as vibrant as one might expect, requiring multiple layers for a noticeable impact. Additionally, the eyeshadows have a chalky texture, making them a bit challenging to blend seamlessly. This can pose a hurdle for those seeking highly pigmented and easily blendable eyeshadows.


One downside to note is the limited longevity of the eyeshadows. Despite initial excitement, the colors tend to fade relatively quickly, requiring frequent touch-ups throughout the day. This aspect may disappoint users who prefer long-lasting makeup that withstands the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Used Colors: