Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom)

“In assassinations, deceiving people with your language is also a necessity.”

Irina Jelavić assumes the role of the English teacher for Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School and is also a government-contracted professional assassin tasked with eliminating Korosensei.

Initially, Irina displayed traits of cruelty, calculation, and arrogance, showing little concern for the Class E students, which earned her the unflattering nickname “Bitch-sensei.” Her impressive hit record and model-like appearance contributed to her self-assured demeanor, giving her a mature and enigmatic aura, often likened to that of a black widow by her students.

However, beneath this veneer of confidence lies a more complex personality. Once her cover is completely unveiled, Irina reveals herself as somewhat childish and socially immature. She carries deep-seated insecurities from her childhood, and beneath her bravado, she is surprisingly humble and earnest. She’s not one to easily give up and, as a relatively young teacher, she forms meaningful connections with her students once she overcomes her ego. It is through her interactions with these students that she undergoes a transformation, revealing a softer and less hardened side, demonstrating that she is more multifaceted than her initial exterior may suggest.