Izumi Shimomura (Ajin)

“Saw the Black Ghost!?”

Izumi Shimomura is an individual classified as an Ajin. Her name is a combination of her father’s last name, Shimomura, and her mother’s maiden name, Izumi, reflecting her family background.

Formerly known as Yōko Tainaka, Izumi is characterized by her reserved and introverted nature. She tends to speak primarily when communicating important information to Tosaki, using brief and concise responses. Interestingly, despite being an Ajin, she has made the choice to live discreetly among humans and does not appear to harbor overwhelming resentment toward them, despite her complex background.

Izumi demonstrates intelligence and empathy in various situations, notably in her interactions with Tosaki and during her interrogation of Kei Nagai’s younger sister, Eriko Nagai. However, beneath her initial stoic demeanor, she is prone to moments of embarrassment, such as when she accidentally divulged too much to Eriko or when Tosaki commented on her casual attire.