Izumi Shimomura (下村 泉, Shimomura Izumi) is an Ajin. Her name is taken from her birth father’s last name (Shimomura) and her mother’s maiden name (Izumi).

Her former name was Yōko Tainaka (田井中 陽子, Tainaka Yōko).

Izumi is a rather quiet and reserved individual. She talks mainly when informing Tosaki about something. Her answers are usually short and to the point. Even though she is an Ajin, she chose to live with humans in secret and doesn’t seem to be consumed completely by resentment towards humans despite her background. She seems to be quite intelligent and understanding, for example towards Tosaki and when interrogating Kei Nagai’s younger sister, Eriko Nagai. However, despite her initial stoic appearance, she can get embarrassed easily (for example when she said too much to Eriko and when Tosaki commented on her casual clothes). Due to her past trauma caused by both of her parents and love life, she became very depressed and suicidal, often cutting herself and eventually trying to commit suicide.

Saw the Black Ghost!?”