Kae Serinuma (Kiss Him, Not Me)


A prince beside a prince, that’s how it should be. That’s how it should be!”

Kae Serinuma, the protagonist of the anime series “Kiss Him, Not Me,” is a delightful and unique character who captures hearts with her infectious enthusiasm and love for anime and manga. Her journey from a self-proclaimed “fujoshi” (a fan of boys’ love media) to a sought-after romantic figure offers a fresh and endearing perspective on the world of romance.

Kae is introduced as an overweight and introverted high school student with an obsession for shipping male characters in her favorite anime. However, when she undergoes a dramatic weight loss after a period of intense grief, she emerges as a stunning and attractive young woman. This transformation takes her peers by surprise, making her the subject of romantic interest from both her classmates and the boys’ love genre she adores.

What sets Kae apart is her unwavering authenticity. She never abandons her love for anime and manga, nor does she conform to societal pressures to conform to traditional standards of beauty. Instead, she embraces her otaku interests wholeheartedly, becoming a beacon of confidence for others who share her passions.

Kae’s character is a joyful exploration of self-acceptance and the power of friendship. Despite the attention she garners, her genuine nature shines through as she forms strong bonds with those around her. Her warm and caring personality makes her friends feel valued and cherished, fostering a close-knit group of supporters who appreciate her for who she is.

Kae’s romantic journey is both heartwarming and humorous as she navigates the affections of various suitors while remaining true to her otaku roots. Her ability to see the humor in her romantic entanglements and her kind-hearted approach to relationships make her a lovable and relatable character for viewers.