Eloisa Lane (DC Bombshell)

“He liked beautiful things, and he’d destroy them if they weren’t his.”

Elois Lane is saved by the Batgirls and becomes part of their team to combat the influence of Strange, Cobblepot, Killer Frost, and Harvey Dent over Gotham. During their mission, Lois has a chance to eliminate Strange but decides against it, granting him an opportunity.

While traveling over Russia, Killer Frost escapes the aircraft and navigates the Teberda Forest on skis. However, she sabotages the plane before leaving, causing Lois and Andrea to crash in the woods. Lois regains consciousness to find Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Raven providing assistance. After sharing her story, Raven, who also holds a grudge against Killer Frost, offers her support to Lois in seeking revenge. Raven then teleports the group to St. Petersburg and casts a protective spell to conceal them from their adversaries.