If you want cosplays or props from us, but you can't found them on the Webshop, you could send us an email or DM on Facebook. We love to challenge ourselves and found new characters, fandoms, and commissions to make.

Some examples from our work

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3D Prints

Have you ever struggled at the last minute with a cosplay add-on? What kind of nerve grinder? What if we said we knew the solution?

Good cosplay is known by careful design, precision, and of course character fidelity. This can give up the lesson many times, especially if you’ve just gotten into this great hobby.

With 3D printing, you can avoid rushing at the last minute and the result can be accurate. Don't have a 3D printer? Don't you know how to handle it? Contact us! Whether it’s design, printing, or consulting, we’re at your disposal.

We accept orders with a contract and a pre-agreed deadline. Plus, we ship all over the EU! (Shipping charges may vary by region)


We using CR-10 mini for printing and our filament is PLA.

If you want to order from us, please send an email or DM at Facebook.


These are just some examples from our work