Nemissa (Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers)

I haven’t been outside in such a long time. I’m aching for a fight. Don’t worry, your body is ready!

Nemissa is distinguished by her recognizable features, including shoulder-length silver hair, light blue eyes, black lipstick, and black nail polish. She dons a stylish ensemble comprising a black leather jacket over a matching brassiere and choker, complemented by black flared pants held up by an intricately designed thick belt. Completing her look, she wears black high-heeled boots. Despite lacking a physical body, Nemissa takes residence in Hitomi’s body. When in control, Hitomi’s hair transforms to silver, reverting to its natural brown once Hitomi regains control.

Initially self-centered, Nemissa transforms as she connects with others, developing a genuine concern for people and gradually experiencing emotions, including pain. Her communication style occasionally involves referring to herself in the third person, and she exudes an enthusiastic and confident persona, contrasting with Hitomi’s reserved nature. Nemissa takes pleasure in playfully taunting Six for his cowardice and fear of demons. She maintains a mental and verbal connection with Hitomi, leading to occasional disagreements that become less frequent as the narrative unfolds.